ALL time dulwich runners records

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Last updated 13-03-2019

New records since 1 June 2018 include:


Edward Chuck - 5km (road) SM

Andy Bond - 5km (road) M40

Tony Tuohy - 5km (road) M55

Clare Elms - 5km (road) W55 (twice!) - World Record

Mike Mann - 5km (road) M70

Edward Chuck - 10km (road) SM

Andy Bond - 10km (road) M45

Tony Tuohy - 10km (road) M55

Steve Davies - 10 Miles (road) M45

Andy Bond - Half Marathon M45


Mike Mann - 1500m (track) M70

Ed Chuck and then Lewis Laylee - 1 Mile (track) SM at the same race venue!

Andy Bond - 1 Mile (track) M40

Mike Mann - 1 Mile (track) M70

Lewis Laylee - 3000m (track) SM (twice!)

Mike Mann - 3000m (track) M70

Edward Chuck - 5000m (track) SM (twice!)

Andy Bond - 5000m (track) M40

Edward Chuck - 10000m (track) SM

The list of new records will reset on 1 Jan 2019 and 1 June 2019 to include those from just the past 12 months each time!