Summer Route 17 - Sunset on Sunset Road - Dulwich Park and Ruskin Park with Dawson's Hill, Brenchley Gardens, Peckham Rye Park options

17A Short - 5.3 miles / 8.5km - 95m elevation gain. 

Dulwich Park through the middle (see if you can spot some public art by Thierry Noir and Stik if not running too fast!), out the Fireman's Alley exit, Lordship Lane, Townley Road, up Green Dale before a lap of Ruskin Park. Return to the Club House via Sunset Road, Sunray Avenue with an optional circuit of Sunray Gardens if you like!

17B Medium - 7.2 Miles / 11.6km - 136m elevation gain.

Similar to route 17A, diverting at Lordship Lane to take in Dawson's Hill for a spectacular view of London, Brenchley Gardens and a 1/4 lap of the Peckham Rye Parkrun course. Rejoining the A route at Lordship Lane.

17C Long - 8.9 miles / 14.3km - 187m elevation gain. 

Similar to route 17B, but at Forest Hill Road head up the hill to Brenchley Gardens and either run through the gardens or along the footway to Brockley Way. Take in a half lap of the Peckham Rye Parkrun course to join route 17B.

Add extra laps of Dulwich Park / Peckham Rye Park / Ruskin Park / Sunray Gardens to up the miles if desired! If the right time of year and good weather don't forget to look back over Ruskin Park for a fabulous sunset.


Ruskin park from sunset road