Reimbursement of Expenses Policy

Currently members pay for the cost of entering road races, including club championship races, but events such as the BMAF and SEAA relays, where runners are selected by the club, are an exception to this. In these cases captains enter teams and the cost is paid for by the club. For most cross country races, clubs are required to enter runners in advance. Since recovering the cost from runners would be a laborious process and in order to encourage participation in these events, the club pays for the cost of entering cross country races.

In general runners are expected to pay travel (and any accommodation) costs for road and cross country races which they have entered. The main exception is where runners have been selected to represent their club in events to which the club attaches a high priority, for example the BMAF road and cross country relays and the regional and national cross country relays, where these events take place outside the Greater London area. Another exception is where runners are selected to represent their country, in practice the British and Irish Masters International cross country. For these events outside the Greater London area the club may make a contribution towards travel costs, the amount of any contribution will be notified by the Captains prior to entering the event. In the case of the B&I Masters cross country, travel and accommodation costs up to a limit of £100 per head.

The objective of the club's policy on expenses is to ensure that travel costs do not act as a disincentive to participation in events to which the club attaches high priority.

Although in general this policy does not apply to races which members have entered without being selected, there may be exceptions for some high priority events, such as the England National cross country championships, which the club wishes to promote, where these events take place outside Greater London. In these cases a contribution towards travel costs may be made at the discretion of the Committee.