Spring / Late Summer Route C - Belair Park, Dulwich Park & Peckham Rye

C1 Short - 5 miles / 8.1km - 53m elevation gain. 

This is a good early and late season run as we pack in Belair Park and Dulwich Park early in the run, whilst still daylight before leaving the longer runners at the junction of Court Lane and Lordship Lane. Turn Left and then at the Library head down Woodwarde Road into the Village. Take a brief detour via Village Way to make up the 5 mile distance.


C2 Medium - 6.5 Miles / 10.4km - 91m elevation gain.

As C1 until Lordship Lane. Instead turn right briefly, before using Melford Road as a pleasant short cut to Wood Vale, before descending Forest Hill Road to run alongside Peckham Rye before turning left to climb the modest Barry Road climb to the Library. For a change take Woodwarde Road down into Dulwich Village and the Club House.


C3 Long - 8.2 miles / 13.2km - 122m elevation gain. 

Similar to route C2, but includes a lap of Peckham Rye Common and Park.


Add extra laps of Dulwich Park and Peckham Rye to up the miles if desired!