Spring / Late Summer Route D - Belair Park, Dulwich Park, Sunray Gardens and Ruskin Park

D1 Short - 4.8 miles / 7.8km - 39m elevation gain. 

Belair Park, Love Walk, Frank Dixon Way, Dulwich Park and then leave the medium and longer distance runners at the entrance to Sunray Gardens with a loop of the duck pond and then return via Beckwith Road to Half Moon Lane and then Burbage Road.


D2 Medium - 6.6 Miles / 10.7km - 96m elevation gain.

As D1 until Sunray Gardens. Continue past the park up Red Post Hill and then divert from the longer route to run along the plateau of Denmark Hill before descending to take in a loop past Denmark Hill station and then Champion Hill before a descent down Greendale back into Dulwich.


D3 Long - 8 miles / 12.9km - 127m elevation gain. 

Similar to route D2, but continue over the cross roads down Herne Hill Road and then enter Ruskin Park either via Ferndene Road or the gate on Herne Hill Road past Carnegie Library. Then take in a full loop and a quarter of the park and cross the A215 safely at the traffic signals. You have now rejoined the medium route back to Dulwich.


Add extra laps of Dulwich Park or Ruskin Park to up the miles if desired!


sunray gardens