Summer Route 6 - Dulwich Park with options to Dulwich Woods, Sydenham Wells Park or Belair Park

Route 6A (Short - 5 miles / 8 km - 34m elevation gain

Dulwich Park Trail Clockwise. Instead of following the Medium and Long Routes at Queen Mary Gate Drive continue to complete the full lap of the park and exit back on to College Road. Take the Love Walk footpath and then head down Gallery Road to the car park entrance. Run a circuit of Belair Park passing by the swale and the trail run. Turn right down Croxted Road, then Norwood Road and immediately after the Half Moon PH head back to the Club House via Stradella Road. And this is another run that looks like a dog in strava art!

Route 6B (Medium - 6.2 miles / 10 km - 122m elevation gain

Take the Queen Mary Gate out of Dulwich Park. Then College Road, Grange Lane and then enter the Woods to reach Low Cross Wood Lane. The medium route has a short cut up the hill to the Dulwich Wood House PH and round Crescent Wood Road to join the long route described below.

Route 6C (Long - 8.2 miles / 13.3 km - 206m elevation gain

As 6B until the Low Cross Wood Lane path is reached. Head down to Sydenham Hill station then down Kingswood Drive to Dulwich Wood Park. Up the A2199 to Crystal Palace Parade then down Westwood Hill to enter Sydenham Wells Park via the footpath. Up Wells Park Road to the Sydenham Hill plateau to rejoin the Medium route runners.

If light head down Cox's Walk to The Grove junction. If dark then follow the alternative road route down via Sydenham Hill. Follow Court Lane down into Dulwich Village, and then Village Way and Burbage Road back to the Club House.

Add laps of Dulwich Park to add extra mile increments if desired.