Our Tuesday night training sessions focus on speed work and are suitable for all abilities. These change location between summer and winter.

Dulwich college

The College's 300m outdoor track and grass playing fields on College Road allow us to do a varied programme of training sessions between 24 April 2018 and early September to help runners improve their speed and endurance.

Please arrive from 7pm for a warm up and stretches at 7.10pm before the main session starts at around 7.20pm. We meet at the green pavilion by the tennis courts which is where you pay. 

The access gates normally open are either via Pond Cottages or Grange Lane rather than the one by the tennis courts.

Cost £2 per session.


dulwich college


crystal palace

The National Sports Centre is our autumn and winter training venue.

Please arrive from 7pm for a warm up and stretches before the main session starts at around 7.20pm. Please note that it can take 5 minutes to get through the rabbit warren of passageways from the Sports Centre entrance to the track. At the centre desk say you are with Dulwich Runners and pay trackside.

Our coach Steve varies each training session to keep things interesting and build people's speed and endurance.  The sessions are also designed for all abilities so don't think that the track is just for elite runners! Everyone can benefit.

Cost £2.50 per session.


crystal palace


sydenham hill

We also make use of the wide public footpath up the side of Sydenham Hill (starting opposite the railway station of the same name) in September for hill based sessions prior to using Crystal Palace for the autumn and winter season. This focus on hills provides a good introduction to the cross country season starting in October.


sydenham hill