The cross-country season runs from October to March. Cross-country races are not elite and suitable for runners of all ability. They are an excellent way to improve overall fitness with the soft and undulating terrain providing good strength and endurance which provides benefits in other races and training.

We take part in the Surrey  League, which despite its name is mainly in South London, and is the club's main priority. There are four fixtures each year with promotion and relegation!


We also take part in mixed stand-alone events such as the South of Thames 5 mile and 7.5 mile races.

Individual runners are also encouraged to take part in County (Surrey and Kent), masters, relays, regional and national championships whilst representing the Club. In 2018 the National Championships was held at nearby Parliament Hill.

Outside of the main cross-country season we also take part in popular races such as the Green Belt Relay where 50 teams of 11 over 2 days circle London over 22 stages of between 6.5 miles and 13.5 miles.

We also try and find a good pub after each race for a well earned drink!

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surrey league

The women's races start at 6km early in the season increasing to 8km in the new year. The men's races are generally around the 8km mark.

Early season races are suitable for road and trail shoes, with runners moving on to cross-country spikes (these are relatively inexpensive compared to other running trainers) from November as things get more muddy and slippery!

The first 5 women score for the club and the first 10 men qualify for the scoring team so it is important that as many runners turn out as possible.

Our Ladies team are in Surrey League Division 1 and our Men in Surrey League Division 2. 

The Surrey League is free for all members! Also with Start Fitness sponsoring the events, members of Dulwich Runners are able to get a 10% discount at Start Fitness. 

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other races

There are a number of other cross-country races almost all of which take part on Saturdays.

Races include the County Championships (Kent and Surrey depending on birth place and / or residence) including Masters, London Championships, two South of Thames races, South of England and National Championships often held at iconic Parliament Hill Fields.

There are also a number of other races for Masters.

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