Winter Route 1 -  Beulah Heights and various ways up Sydenham's many Hills

Route 1A (Short - 5 miles / 8 km - 48m elevation gain

Start along Turney Road and then left on to Croxted Road. At West Dulwich the longer distance runners turn off, but continue up to the Gipsy Hill Roundabout before heading back down Alleyn Park to the South Circular. Carefully cross the road at an opportune point and at The Grove junction you will rejoin the longer routes heading back to the Club House via Court Lane.

Route 1B (Medium -  8.7 miles / 13.9 km - 179 m elevation gain

The same route as 1C except you take a short cut at the A215 / A212 junction in the Beaulah Heights area to go along Church Rd and Crystal Palace Parade to rejoin the long route at Westwood Hill.

Route 1C (Long - 10.9 miles / 17.6km - 250m elevation gain

Croxted Rd to West Dulwich then Park Hall Road / Robson Road to West Norwood - B232 Elder Road - Central Hill - Hermitage Road - Beaulah Hill - South Norwood High St to A214/A213 Lights - Anerley Hill - Thicket Road - Crystal Palace Park Road - Westwood Hill - Kirkdale - Court Lane. In some ways this is like Summer Route 1 just without the parks and in reverse!