Winter Route 5 - Honor Oak, Sydenham & Gipsy Hill

Route 5A (Short - 5.5 miles / 8.8 km - 114m elevation gain

The same route as the others until Wood Vale. Instead turn right up Sydenham Hill to the plateau. At Crystal Palace Parade return via the A2199 (College Road / Dulwich Wood Park) to the Gipsy Hill Roundabout to rejoin the longer routes for the run back to the Club House via Alleyn Road, Alleyn Park and Gallery Road.

If you want to add distance then this route gives you a number of options with the College Road / Gallery Road Triangle (1.1 Miles or the Court Lane / Dulwich Common / College Road Large Triangle (2.3 Miles -

Route 5B (Medium - 8.1 miles / 13 km - 175 m elevation gain

The same route as the Long route as far as Wells Park Road. Instead of turning right make the short cut to Crystal Palace Parade. The route then avoids the climb up Gipsy Hill and heads straight to Alleyn Road and back to Dulwich.

Route 5C (Long - 10.8 miles / 17.3 km - 282m elevation gain

Village Way, Court Lane up to the A205. Take Wood Vale if you are feeling brave and then come back to the A205 via Canobie Rise and Westwood Park or if you don't want a hill climb then take Honor Oak Road back to the A205. Take Eliot Bank up to the Sydenham Hill plateau.  After a km or so turn right down Wells Park Road to Sydenham and then head back up Westwood Hill to Crystal Palace Parade. At the end of the Parade turn right on to the bridge over the old High Level station site and down Farquhar Road and Dulwich Wood Avenue to near Gipsy Hill station. Turn right up Gipsy Hill to Central Hill and then return to the Gipsy Hill roundabout via Salters Hill. For a change come back down Alleyn Road and Alleyn Park to Dulwich. Return to the Club House via Gallery Road.

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Westwood Park