Winter Route 3 - Dulwich Common and Sydenham Hill with Crystal Palace and Leigham Vale options

Route 3A (Short - 5.5 miles / 8.8 km - 102m elevation gain

The same route as the others until the junction of Sydenham Hill and Kirkdale. Take the road along the plateau towards Crystal Palace. At the double mini roundabouts turn down Fountain Drive which soon becomes College Road as it descends past Sydenham Hill station, and the toll booth to the A205. At the cross roads turn left and return via Croxted Road, or you can always cut the route short a little by returning via Dulwich Village.

Route 3B (Medium -  7.5 miles / 12.1 km - 147 m elevation gain

The same route as the Long route as far as the top of Westwood Hill. Head down the A2199 (College Road / Dulwich Wood Park) into West Dulwich. Take a slight turn to the left at Park Hall Road to join Rosendale Road and then rejoin the long route at the A205 / Rosendale Road Traffic Lights.

Route 3C (Long - 9.9 miles / 15.9 km - 198m elevation gain

Turney Road, Croxted Road, A205 Dulwich Common, Sydenham Hill, Kirkdale down to Sydenham. Then run up Westwood Hill, take in Crystal Palace Parade, Central Hill on its rollercoaster course through Upper Norwood to Leigham Court Road. Turn right and then after 1.2km take Leigham Vale down into Tulse Hill. To avoid the gyratory turn right up towards West Norwood but take the left turn down the wide Lancaster Avenue to the A205. Make use of the zebra crossing or traffic lights to cross on to the north side of the A205 and then return to SE24 via Rosendale Road and Half Moon Lane.

Another piece of Strava art - this time a bird in flight!

To increase the mileage further consider hill reps north of Half Moon Lane up the likes of Holmdene, Hollingbourne Road and Ruskin Walk, or continue past the Club House to take in the College Road / Gallery Road triangle (1.1 Miles