Dulwich Runners Club Championships 2018


After 9 races from 1760 yards to 26.2 miles, the 2018 edition of Dulwich Runners’ Club Championships is complete!

46 women and 76 men completed at least one event in the championships. The February 2018 Dulwich Parkrun was the most popular, followed by the Assembly League 5k at Battersea. Almost as popular, was the Marathon, with 26 women and 28 men running at least one (some members even did more including two in a week!), which is always special given the original development of the club for a group of friends to train together to run the London Marathon in 1980.

To complete and qualify for the championships, runners had to finish at least 5 events including at least one race from each of the short and long categories. 12 women and 29 men qualified having achieved this feat.

Men and women competed within age-group categories (<40, 40-50, 50-60 and 60+) alongside an overall age graded championship. In order to be as fair as possible and enable runners of different ages and sexes to compete, this was worked out using the 2015 WMA age grading tables which awards points according to how well you ran against the world best for your age and gender.

The Winners

The full breakdown by event and what that meant for the overall results is provided in the attached excel file.

Women’s Senior

  1. Becca Schulleri (252 points) wins after completing 8 events

  2. Helen Lister (252 points)

  3. Katie Styles (243 points)


Women’s V40

  1. Yvette Dore (257 points)

  2. Joanne Shelton Pereda (250 points)


Women’s V50

  1. Michelle Lennon (256 points)

  2. Clare Elms (255 points)

  3. Lucy Clapp (247 points)


Women’s V60

  1. Ros Tabor (255 points)


Men’s Senior

  1. Tim Bowen (258 points)

  2. Edward Chuck (252 points)

  3. Jonathan Whittaker (242 points)


Men’s V40

  1. Andy Bond (257 points)

  2. Steve Davies (253 points)

  3. Tom South (251 points)


Men’s V50

  1. Charlie Lound (254 points - wins after completing 6 events)

  2. Tony Tuohy (254 points - 5 events)

  3. Mark Foster (248 points)

3 (2).jpg

Men’s V60

  1. Steve Smythe (257 points)

  2. Colin Frith (252 points)

  3. Hugh Balfour (252 points)


Overall Age Graded Champions

  1. Clare Elms (952 points average)

  2. Ros Tabor (913 points average)

  3. Andy Bond (867 points average)


Gill Johnson Awards

Awarded annually for outstanding performance on the road, in memory of Gill Johnson, who was an excellent road runner herself and sadly died in 2017.

The winners for the first year (2018) are Ed Chuck and Clare Elms.

Trophies will be awarded at the Christmas party!

Record breaking runs

Finally across all events and not just the club championships it has been an amazing year for personal bests and club records. Twelve road records and thirteen track records have been broken since November 2017, including three on a memorable July night at Stratford where Senior Men’s Mile record was broken twice within the space of 30 minutes! The new club records that have been set between November 2017 and November 2018 are as follows:


Clare Elms - 1 Mile (road) W50 (equals her existing record)

Edward Chuck - 5km (road) SM

Andy Bond - 5km (road) M40

Tony Tuohy - 5km (road) M55

Mike Mann - 5km (road) M70

Edward Chuck - 10km (road) SM

Andy Bond - 10km (road) M45

Tony Tuohy - 10km (road) M55

Steve Davies - 10 Miles (road) M45

Buzz Shepherd - Half Marathon M40

Steve Davies - Half Marathon M45

Steve Smythe - Marathon M60


Lewis Laylee - 1500m (track) SM

Mike Mann - 1500m (track) M70

Ed Chuck and then Lewis Laylee - 1 Mile (track) SM at the same race venue!

Andy Bond - 1 Mile (track) M40

Mike Mann - 1 Mile (track) M70

Lewis Laylee - 3000m (track) SM (twice!)

Mike Mann - 3000m (track) M70

Edward Chuck - 5000m (track) SM (twice!)

Andy Bond - 5000m (track) M40

Edward Chuck - 10000m (track) SM