Mark Hayes Memorial Mile 2019

On Friday July 19 we held our annual Mark Hayes Memorial Mile Race series at Dulwich College. Despite the dreary weather forecast and initial rain an excellent turn out contested four races and a children’s 600 metres race. 

Race 1

First up new member Kay Sheedy led from the front in an impressive debut. So good was her performance of 6:14 that it was second only to our overall ladies winner - Alexie.


Bob Bell also enjoyed an excellent run in a similar solo time trial fashion to Kay. Whilst on photo duties it was great to see lots of smiles from Mark’s family and other runners whilst completing the run with Karine finishing ahead of Josephine and Fleur.

  1. Kay Sheedy 06:14

  2. Bob Bell 06:38

  3. Raphael Long 06:53

  4. Colin Frith 07:00

  5. Barrie John Nicholls 07:29

  6. Joseph Brady 07:31

  7. Karine Brissey-Hayes 07:50

  8. Josephine Brissey-Hayes 07:59

  9. Lindsey Annable 08:16

  10. Fleur Brissey-Hayes 08:24

Race 2

Alexie Williams followed Kay’s tactics and ran superbly from the front to win the overall ladies shield in 5:40.


Hugh Balfour and Richard Craig-McFeely enjoyed a closely fought run with Hugh just beating Richard on the line. Similarly competitive battles were found right through the field with Michelle leading from Clare Norris and Hugh French and then not far behind Belinda pipped Mike and Lucy Clapp in the finishing straight.


  1. Alexie Williams 05:40

  2. Hugh Balfour 06:01

  3. Richard Craig-McFeely 06:02

  4. Michelle Lennon 06:15

  5. Clare Norris 06:17

  6. Hugh French 06:18

  7. Belinda Cottrill 06:24

  8. Mike Mann 06:25

  9. Lucy Clapp 06:26

  10. Neville Webb 06:49

  11. Karina Burrowes 07:13

  12. Elton Howard 07:23

Children’s Race (600 metres)

The children’s race then provided a brief interlude with all ages completing the 2 laps. Samuel Little and Rafi French ran fast times of a shade over 2 minutes for the 600 metres to suggest there is plenty of promise whenever they graduate to the mile. George Williams made his track debut and following mum’s lead and enjoyed himself in his 5 minute run.

  1. Samuel Little 02:04

  2. Rafi French 02:06

  3. Max French 02:17

  4. Hattie Hollands 02:47

  5. Amelia Hollands 03:44

  6. Lila French 04:35

  7. George Williams 05:06

Race 3

This race ended up being the most competitive and exciting race of the night with just 15 seconds separating the first eight places. Jonathan adopted the strategy of the first two race winners to lead from the front. Ed Simmons and Eugene Cross were always in close attendance and started to close on the penultimate lap. With some red blood cells from the Andes still in his bloodstream Jonathan found some pace to win in a pleasing 5:16. Ed deservedly finished second ahead of Eugene and another bunch sprint of Rob, Justin, Matt Cooke and Ross. Special kudos to Sue Cooper who arrived straight from Euston and with just the bike ride as a warm up plunged straight into the race! Also Matt Ladds was well pleased with a personal best to make the journey to the West Country even sweeter that evening.

  1. Jonathan Whittaker 05:16

  2. Ed Simmons 05:20

  3. Eugene Cross 05:21

  4. Grant Kennedy 05:24

  5. Rob Hollands 05:25

  6. Justin Siderfin 05:27

  7. Matt Cooke 05:29

  8. Ross Rook 05:31

  9. Matt Ladds 05:49

  10. Sue Cooper 06:28

Race 4


The final race of the evening involved seeing who would take the shield from Lewis Laylee’s mantelpiece. Very quickly Ed Chuck showed that he meant business and built up a strong lead to win in a meeting record equalling time of 4:37 (Lewis has ran this previously).


Jack and Andy pushed each other on for second with Andy straying outside his lane on one occasion much to Tony’s subsequent amusement!


Tim then finished ahead of a close race between Joe and Tony with an excellent debut performance from Dominic O’Sullivan prefacing Michael Williams and a hoodie clad Kev Chadwick.

  1. Ed Chuck 04:37

  2. Jack Ramm 04:46

  3. Andy Bond 04:48

  4. Tim Bowen 04:56

  5. Joe Twomey 05:03

  6. Tony Tuohy 05:05

  7. Dominic O’Sullivan 05:10

  8. Michael Williams 05:15

  9. Kevin Chadwick 05:16

Mike Mann adds... A big thank you to everyone who helped out on Friday in particular Andy for taking on the role of race director, Ange and Laura for organising the finish and lap counter, Jonathan for his input to the race seedings and camera work in the dystopian gloom and Tom for arranging the drinks and not holding a beer race!

2019 Winners